Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hair cut!!

 I had this rule. I decide so much of my kid's lives, that they decide when they get their hair cut, when they want their ears pierced, and usually what to wear (I do reserve the right to veto things like, skirts on a snowy day and other such things) So after 5.5 years, Kari FINALLY asked me to cut her hair (this was really hard for me BTW, I mean, the ends are what she was BORN with as a tiny 5lb 11oz baby!!) But she was tired of sitting on it, so she asked me for a trim. I cut off about 4 inches off the bottom and gave her some bangs. She looks SO GROWN UP NOW! I HATE IT! lol!!!

Visit to the cemetary

One of my best childhood friends and I have something unfortunate in common. We have both buried babies. So we went to the cemetery on the anniversary of her son's passing. Which happens to be on St. Patrick's day. So we went with her to the cemetery. We brought flowers for both Elizabeth and her Joshua.

 This swan was not happy we were there. He felt the need to protect his woman from us apparently.

 He actually stuck his head through there and tried to peck Tyler.
 I think Kari has her first crush...

 Same day she lost her first tooth!!!

This boy has some big decisions to make someday. ;) ha ha!!

Move from Arizona to Washington-day 5

Woo hoo! This was the day we finally made it home. Unfortunately it snowed part of the way. But still we made it safe and sound.

 Audrey took an immediate liking to uncle Erick

 Tackling grandpa Hale

 Meeting my new niece Caroline!
 Audrey liked her too.

 Grandma Hale with her girls
 These on down are from later in the week since getting here.

 My cute nieces Naomi and Olivia
 Jill playing Iron Man at cousin's house
 Kari getting cousin Emily to read to her

 Kari's masterpiece

 baby holding the baby!

 Kari with Caroline

 big eyes

Girls watching a movie together