Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attack of the killer.....

So apparently my washing machine protested all the laundry I do because this is what I found today:

It ATE my shirt!!!!!! It's not everyday that you have to deep clean your washing machine. I'm very afraid that my machine is holding a grudge and may lash out again. I hope the sacrifice of my three month old shirt will keep it happy for awhile.

Friday, November 12, 2010

some cute pictures

Jillian in her princess costume.

Kari in her "Pretty witch" costume

Kari's super curly hair after sleeping in a bun.

The cutest reigndeer ever!!

Jillian being adorable playing with her daddy's hat.

Cute video of Jillian


So due to lack of reading, because it doesn't inform anyone of new posts, I lost interest in posting, so I've decided to make this blog public again. So hello again everyone. :D It's good to be back.