Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy September!

I know I shouldn't be excited because it means that snow will be falling here in just a couple weeks BUT, I love september. It's football season (go Bucks!) and trees start changing colors, and the fireweed turns bright colors and hills look like they're on fire (but in a good way, not that annoying actually-on-fire way) and I start thinking about costumes for Halloween and Christmas! (Yes, I do realise that I skipped over Thanksgiving, but I haven't developed a serious attatchment to that holiday yet. Seems more like a dress rehearsal for Christmas dinner anyway) September always makes me think of high school football and long marching band practices. Ah, memories. AND Tyler's birthday is in September! Man, that boy is getting old. ;) lol! 26 on monday hon! Thank you for having your birthday on a day off. :D Anyway, apparently Kari either threw away the t.v. remote and we didn't notice before taking it out, OR it fell down the crack of no return in the couch. Seriously, the way they built this thing makes it IMPOSSIBLE to rescue anything that falls down there. A serious design flaw if you ask me. SO after dealing with dragging our butts off the couch when we want to turn off/on or change the volume on the t.v. we decided that since we were going to buy a new t.v. for Christmas anyway, we'd just bite the bullet and get it a couple months early. So we didn't get the t.v. I was saving up for but, we did get a b-e-a-utiful 40 inch super high res lcd flat screen tv. We watched the Pittsburg vs Utah game yesterday and seriously, football on this tv is heaven. I love it, everyone, be jealous! :D So happy birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day and Anniversary to us. lol!
Oh! I need to update you all about Tyler! Well, we went back to the ER the next day and they ended up doing a CT scan and after lots of waiting, and pacing, and keeping kids happy rediculously late the doctor comes in and sits down and says, and I quote, "Well, you're almost normal" and they had found a "something" that could be an anurism (sp?) and so they needed to do another CT scan with some sort of contrasting dye or whatever it is they use. By this time it was 11:20p.m. and I still had both kids so I called my friend Ruth and drove the kids home and she came over and stayed so that I could go back to the hospital to be with Tyler. Ruth is an angel and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Anyway, so I get back to the hospital and we wait for another two or three hours. Finally at like 3 I think, the doctor comes back in and tells us Tyler is fine (yes!) but for a few hours there, I seriously thought Tyler was going to need brain surgery or die and it was awful. I had all these scenarios running through my head and I was making contingency plans for each possible outcome. I was glad that he was fine. The next day Tyler's headache was a little better. I think him knowing for sure that there wasn't anything wrong with his brain relieved some of that tension.
And last saturday my grandpa Hale died. His funeral was today in Idaho, I wasn't able to go but that's okay. He's graduated and no longer in pain so I'm happy for him. I will miss him though, he was always so funny, I loved hanging out with him. I regret the most that he didn't get to meet Jillian.
My cousin had his brain surgery for his AVM (a cluster of veins that isn't normal in the brain and can cause bleeding) and he is healing very well from what I hear. I'm continuing to keep him and his poor mother in my prayers.
So, the long and the short of it was that I had a no good, very bad, terrible week last week and then this week was better. I had a couple Quarnberg angels visit me and I was surprised and touched. Love you girls. Anyway, I'm sorry, I don't have pictures this post but I will get some up next post, I just kind of felt like blabbing tonight. Love you all! Thanks for reading! :D