Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And then there were 4...

So everyone (who doesn't already know, meaning pretty much everyone but immediate family and Brianna), we are expecting baby number 2. We're due on March 13 and we were able to have an ultrasound on monday and see that everything is going well so far. We'll keep our fingers crossed!! We are very excited!!! Karielle is going to be a big sister!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tyler's promotion and Kari walking, oh my!

Okay, so Kari's not walking BY HERSELF yet, but she walks with the help of her adorable dolly stroller (thank you mom and dad Haueter)

And the office did this nice little ceremony for Tyler and Airmen Davenport for thier promotions to Senior Airmen. They have this tradition where one person on each side sticks the new rank on your shoulder and punch it (to make it stick) in fact, that's how people congratulate you on your new rank, punch your arm as hard as they can. Anyway, so Tyler had his old supervisor on one side, and Karielle and me on the other. Kari got to put the new rank on her daddy (she did have a little help from mommy) but it was so cute. :D

And of course, I had to take a picture of Kari sitting on a chair in her daddy's office. She's such a little daddy's girl. :D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friends, family, lend me your ears!! :D I've got a vent. About this base, about the housing people, just random stuff in general. So here's the dealio:
Up here during the summer, there are a TON of forest fires. Like if i remember right, right now there are about one MILLION acres burning currently. Maybe more. So you'd think they'd insulate your houses really well right? WRONG. Even 5 star homes (which we are DEFINATELY not in) has smoke sneaking in somewhere (or so I'm told). ANYWHO, so it's really bad outside, so bad you're not supposed to go outside unless it's absolutely necessary (work, school, no food in the house, ect) and they specifically say to keep children out of it. WELL, something is wrong in Karielle's room. It smells smokey. No other room in the house (except the "artic entry" where Tyler comes in through the garage) smells smokey, not mine, or the bathroom, or downstairs, nothing. But her room is smokey and has been for a week or two. Now, yesterday it got worse so I called the housing maint. guys and they sent thier run of the mill fixer upper guy to check the window. So he goes upstairs, pops the window open, closes it, and says, "There's your problem, it wasn't closed." Uhhhh, yeah it was, I opened and closed it three times before he got there to make sure. So he said, well I'm not the window guy, if there's still smoke in the morning, call again and we'll send the window guy out. Okay, so in the morning, I go get Kari, and it's smokey, just as much if not more than yesterday. So I call, and they send over the "window guy" right. Well he walks in her room, says he can't see or smell any smoke (bear in mind that he is out in it all day so his nose is less sensitive than someone where there is no smoke anywhere else. So he basically says, well, I don't see anything wrong with the window so there's nothing I can do for you. And he leaves. So I'm furious, he barely glanced at the window, so I have Tyler call them. After much debate, this is what we get. The contractor who replaces windows is going to come test the window, if he says something is wrong with it, it'll get replaced, if he doesn't see anything wrong with it we just have to deal with it. "Some rooms are worse than others, they're all like that" (imagine that in a high pitched, whiney voice) so anyway, Kari's voice has been different. Kind of gravely. But she doesn't have a fever, no change in appetite or any other sickness symptom. Except she's more irritable. Anyway, so the lady said that if there turned out to be a health issue (meaning, the smoke leaking in her room and them not doing anything about it and her getting sick) then an option is to pack us up and relocate us to a different base.........
soooo, I really don't want my kid to be sick, but seriously, the housing people up here are horrible, we've already gotten three yard tickets and we've only been in this house 6 months. They don't ever fix anything and we don't "qualify" for a three bedroom house until I've actually given birth to our third child, so a part of me really wants there to be a big enough issue that we have to leave. There are so many annoying things about living up here. I was trying to buy a big girl carseat for Kari online, because there aren't many selections up here and I liked the safety ratings on this particular seat and Overstock wouldn't send it to me "because some items our carriers won't ship to Alaska" and the other website wanted to charge me another ninty bucks to ship it up here!!! I'm sick of the prices, sick of the smoke and sick of the housing people. I really want to go back to the lower 48.....*sigh* I guess we'll just have to wait and see..