Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jillian is three!!

Yesterday Jillian turned three (I can't believe she's already three!!) We went to Chili's for dinner, then came home for presents and cake.
Opening her card from Grandma and Grandpa Hale
My Little Pony card from mom and dad
First present she grabbed for was the one with Minnie Mouse wrapping paper of course.
Just for you mom, the best face ever.
 And that thing did not leave her side the rest of the night and indeed, even today, it hasn't left her presence.
 Now mom and dad presents.
Kari was VERY interested in Jill's presents 
 "Thank you momma and daddy!"
 Cake- what kid doesn't pick funfetti right?
 Singing happy birthday
 Ready, and...
 mmmmm, cake
My adorable 3 year old. :D 

The zoo

So last Saturday, we decided to go to the zoo and aquarium for Jill's birthday, even though her birthday wasn't until Tuesday. She was sooooo excited to go see animals! Heck, we were all pretty darn excited. :)
 This black swan and her cygnet swam right up to us. The mom wasn't too happy about her baby's curiosity, you can tell by the position of her wings. It was really cool though. Never seen a black swan before.
 One of the many peacocks just wandering around, not in a cage or anything.
 Cute monkey
 This was a little baby. Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of him with his mommy because you really can't tell how tiny and adorable he was without a full size monkey next to him. But he was sooooo cute!!
 This peacock was a little intimidated by all the people looking at him. The girls LOVED that he put up his feathers. They thought it was SO cool!
 Baby panther. This guy was so cute, I just wanted to take him home with me. :D
 A whole bunch of koi and the random turtle
 There was a baby zebra too
 and a baby giraffe
 The coolest thing was there was a 50,000 gallon shark tank and there was a bbq restaurant on one side of it and you could eat next to these sharks swimming around. So COOL
 Kari being a shark. hee hee!
 I didn't get pictures of Kari touching the big stingrays (because I was the one holding her up) but holy cow, this girl has no fear. I wouldn't even touch the starfish (and neither would Jill) but Kari was wanting to touch EVERYTHING!
 Fish with fatty "botox" lips. I thought it was funny looking. :D
 Posing Kari
 Jill in front of the penguin tank
 Petting zoo.
 This Llama decided that Kari's glasses looked yummy.
 Luckily daddy got it away from him
 Cute little deer
 Kari liked him
 And then this little guy followed Kari around the rest of the petting zoo area. I guess he really liked Kari too.
 Jill with the little goats.
 Baby goat and his momma 
 They even had turtles to pet!!
There was a little playground (actually it was pretty big) anyway, so I was sitting on a bench letting the girls play and notice this little guy under the bench. He was cute, and definitely not as afraid of people as he should be. 
 My favorite thing about this place is that it was really laid back, lots of really cool stuff, expanding even more, and the best thing is that it's a rescue center for animals. So animals get brought here to get better and then go back into the wild. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend them. The Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium