Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cousins and Hoover Dam

 Jillian and Olivia
 Jillian and Naomi
 Naomi and Kari giving hugs
 Grandma and grandpa Haueter with all their grandkids except one

Four generations (and Sydney :D)
 Jillian and Caden
 Everyone looking at the fish in the pond

The girls both latched onto Aunt Courtney of course. :D

 Hoover dam. Much dryer than last time I was there

 The water level was WAY down due to lack of rain the last few years.

 This thing was not here last time I was.
 Jillian next to her sign

 Palm trees were a very new thing to kiddos from Alaska

 The new bridge

 This is what bright, desert sun does to my kiddos. ha ha!
For mom, a nice view of the new bridge.

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