Monday, March 28, 2011

Tyler wrestling on the Ice

So this was actually a funny story. We like hockey, and when there are free tickets available, we try to get them. So a couple weeks ago, it was military appreciation week, so of course, we got free tickets. Well close to the end of the first period, a lady comes and talks to a guy sitting behind us, and all I hear is "Where on earth are all the Air Force guys?" Apparently she was looking for an Airmen and kept on finding Army guys. So of course Tyler says that he's an Airmen and she's like, "would you be willing to go out on the ice? It's to honor the military and we've already got an Army member. You don't have to try to shoot a puck or anything. Just come see me at about 2 minutes until the period is over." Of course Tyler, being Tyler, said yes. And wasn't suspicious at all I might add. Me, not so much. So two minutes till, he walks down and meets her. I get the camera ready, just in case. lol! Anyway so she lied. It turns out that it WAS a compitition between Army and Air Force. You know that stupid contest when they get a shirt wet, ball it up and freeze it, then you have to pry it open and put it on as fast as possible? Yeah, that's what it was. And you'll see in the video that the Army guy's shirt kind of just unrolled, while Tyler was still trying to get the thing to open a little bit, so what did he do? Yep, Tyler tackled the Army guy to keep him from putting his shirt on. Luckily I got it all on tape. Enjoy. :D

Jillian is officially a TODDLER!

Ack!! Where on earth did this past year go? I feel like it went a hundred miles an hour. I don't remember Kari's first year going that quick, and we had a move and two trips home in that year! Maybe because I'm chasing two kids around everywhere. So on the 26th, little Jillian had a birthday. We had the Trickey's come over. They've got two kids and we're all pretty close. Kari and their little girl Caroline are BFF's. lol! So they came over for dinner and games and dessert. I was totally expecting Jill to just destroy her rubber ducky cake, she usually eats with little abandon. But she didn't want to eat it at all! Maybe she was intimidated by the huge cake sitting in front of her. Anyway, I still got some cute pictures. Our friends got her (actually me, because I'm a collector and Nancy knows it. lol!) one of those princess toddler dolls. SO CUTE. We got the Cinderella one. I've told the girls that she's very special and they can play with her when they're a little older and can take care of her. Anyway, Jill saw the doll in the box and she got really excited and tried to hug and kiss it. Tyler took some pictures, don't worry. But it was so cute! I feel weird having two toddlers. Maybe it's time for another one? ;) lol! Probably not for awhile, but we ARE trying to talk housing into letting us have a bigger house. Living in the basement is just not very much fun for me. :( Blech. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Tyler has had some developments for his heart, but that's a WHOLE other post so I won't go into that here, BUT Jill has her 1 year well-baby check up appointment on wednesday so I'll have some stats for you then. Picture time!!

Jillian two or three weeks old

Jillian 1 year old!!

lol~ I love this picture! "What do I do with ALL THAT??"

She doesn't like it so much. lol!

Jillian giving her dolly kisses through the box. lol!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Eh, it's been a month, so sue me. :P

Sooooo, I've been super, super busy, and lazy. How are you both busy and lazy you ask? Easy! You cram everything in your "on paper" schedule, then you PROCRASTINATE. Yep, I am the queen of procrastination! So what if I have 4 puff quilts to make (two by saturday morning) by the end of the month, so what if I have a baby shower to organize by saturday? So what if I have a birthday for Jill coming up in a little less than three weeks and I haven't even bought a cake mix? I can do it all the day before.....right? :( *sigh* Well, I have to give the computer to Tyler for his paper (which is due tomorrow night, see? Procrastination is catching. lol!) So on to the pictures!!!

Jillian turned 11 months old Feb 26, and took her first steps with no help on March 2 (no pictures of that yet, sorry)

Discovering the world through the eyes of a baby is pretty incredible.

My beautiful 2 1/2 year old.

Kari loves the fish at the Chinese Buffet

Kari and daddy helping Jill walk

One of my current projects

Coolest thing ever. That's layers and layers of snow and ice and dirt.

Yeah kiddo, I felt like that when I was pregnant with you and your sister.