Monday, July 15, 2013

Introducing Audrey Claire

This is pretty much just going to be pictures, and unfortunately in random order since I'm typing one handed right now. ha ha! Audrey arrived at 11:11 am in May 22ndm only 15 days past her "due date". :) I will do her birth story a little later. For now I just wanted to show some pictures.

 The faces of Audrey. :)

 "Shall i go left or right for lunch?"

 grandpa with the newest grandchild
 grandma with the newest grandchild

 saying goodbyes

 girls meeting Audrey for the first time

 proud big sister!

 first picture as a family of 5!
 sucking on her toe

 little tootsies

Grandma and grandpa with the Haueter grandkids