Monday, March 7, 2011

Eh, it's been a month, so sue me. :P

Sooooo, I've been super, super busy, and lazy. How are you both busy and lazy you ask? Easy! You cram everything in your "on paper" schedule, then you PROCRASTINATE. Yep, I am the queen of procrastination! So what if I have 4 puff quilts to make (two by saturday morning) by the end of the month, so what if I have a baby shower to organize by saturday? So what if I have a birthday for Jill coming up in a little less than three weeks and I haven't even bought a cake mix? I can do it all the day before.....right? :( *sigh* Well, I have to give the computer to Tyler for his paper (which is due tomorrow night, see? Procrastination is catching. lol!) So on to the pictures!!!

Jillian turned 11 months old Feb 26, and took her first steps with no help on March 2 (no pictures of that yet, sorry)

Discovering the world through the eyes of a baby is pretty incredible.

My beautiful 2 1/2 year old.

Kari loves the fish at the Chinese Buffet

Kari and daddy helping Jill walk

One of my current projects

Coolest thing ever. That's layers and layers of snow and ice and dirt.

Yeah kiddo, I felt like that when I was pregnant with you and your sister.


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