Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jillian is three!!

Yesterday Jillian turned three (I can't believe she's already three!!) We went to Chili's for dinner, then came home for presents and cake.
Opening her card from Grandma and Grandpa Hale
My Little Pony card from mom and dad
First present she grabbed for was the one with Minnie Mouse wrapping paper of course.
Just for you mom, the best face ever.
 And that thing did not leave her side the rest of the night and indeed, even today, it hasn't left her presence.
 Now mom and dad presents.
Kari was VERY interested in Jill's presents 
 "Thank you momma and daddy!"
 Cake- what kid doesn't pick funfetti right?
 Singing happy birthday
 Ready, and...
 mmmmm, cake
My adorable 3 year old. :D 

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