Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update and the house!

So hey! Long time no write? Well, our lives have been pretty busy. Between the packing and the moving and the month long leave with family and the driving across the country (kind of) and the finding a house here, I haven't really had a chance to sit down and catch up. So what to talk about first? Well, we made it here to Arizona. It is HOT to me, nice and mild weather for them. We found this really nice house that's big enough and it's about 10 minutes to base. My favorite feature? A large garden tub for soaking in the master bath. *sigh* I can't wait until I have all these boxes taken care of so I can soak without feeling guilty about it. Ha Ha! Anyway, so far we're liking it here. We're close to everything, the area is nice, there's a community pool and library just down the street. We actually live right next door to a family that goes to our church that has a girl Kari's age, a girl Jill's age and a little baby boy. I'm hoping that we all get along famously. Anyway, so I have a TON of pictures to catch up on, and today is Jillian's birthday, which needs it's own post. So I will try my best to do this all in order. :P Nevermind, I'm going to be out of order, but that's because there's another post that needs to be on it's own. So for now, the house!!
 Front room (we turned into the family/t.v. room)
 This is the office/exercise area (and all our games are on those fancy shelves)
 LOVE the tile.
 Trying to decide what picture to put in that alcove space. Thinking it might be my Aurora picture
 The kitchen is WAY smaller than my last one, it sucks to lose that much space, but hey, it's not forever right??
 AHHHHH.....my tub.
 The hunny in our bedroom (the door behind him is to the closet, and it's AWESOME)
Yard needs work but at least there's grass instead of rock or concrete right??

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