Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tyler's promotion and Kari walking, oh my!

Okay, so Kari's not walking BY HERSELF yet, but she walks with the help of her adorable dolly stroller (thank you mom and dad Haueter)

And the office did this nice little ceremony for Tyler and Airmen Davenport for thier promotions to Senior Airmen. They have this tradition where one person on each side sticks the new rank on your shoulder and punch it (to make it stick) in fact, that's how people congratulate you on your new rank, punch your arm as hard as they can. Anyway, so Tyler had his old supervisor on one side, and Karielle and me on the other. Kari got to put the new rank on her daddy (she did have a little help from mommy) but it was so cute. :D

And of course, I had to take a picture of Kari sitting on a chair in her daddy's office. She's such a little daddy's girl. :D

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  1. How awesome for Kari! Isn't it fun watching them get around on their own? A pain in the butt kitchen cupboards are in a constant state of mess.