Sunday, November 1, 2009


Holy cow it's November!! I'm so excited. That's one month closer to Christmas! Bring it on! Anyway, yesterday was Halloween and it was so much fun! Kari was a fairy. I beefed up her costume by putting her tutu under the skirt to make it fuller and we bought a pair of fairy wings. So cute!!

Tyler decided he wanted to dress up this year (I was shocked, he'd never told me he liked to) anyway so he was Jack Sparrow. It was fun, I got to put make up on my hubby. It took people at church a bit to recognise that he was Tyler.

So I fell back on my one and only costume. Curled my hair and wore a "pirate medalion" and hoped that being with Tyler, people would assume I was Elizabeth Swan. It was pretty funny!

And I did Kari's hair different. She's getting to be so grown up! I parted it down the middle and did two cute little pig tail buns. (Guess who the cutest at the party was? hee hee! :D ) Actually, there were a lot of REALLY cute kids there. I especially loved the twins, one was a peanut, and one was an elephant. lol! I got a good kick out of that one. Anyway, I hope you all had a happy halloween! Thanksgiving in three and a half weeks!! :D

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