Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey guys!!! I'll be posting again tomorrow or sunday after church because Karielle's little birthday party is tomorrow. I was going to have lots of her little friends over, but she's a little kid shy right now so I'm only having a couple kids over instead. Hopefully she'll play with them. Anyway, pictures!!!!

Jillian with a cute little bow.

Kari being her usual overly helpful self.

Kari and Tyler after the Pioneer day church activity.

Kari being cute.

Jill playing with a baby doll.....already. lol!

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  1. Wow! Jill is so big already! She's doing so great sitting up. It's funny to see her hold a baby doll as big as she is! I think Jill is smrt. ;) You can tell by how observant she is. And Kari's hair is so long! Pretty.