Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm alive, with pictures all the way back from Mother's Day!

Ugh! I've been so awful with this lately. So I have to catch up. But honestly, not much has been happening. I do have pictures to post from Kari's amazing tea party birthday, and then we took a couple quick trips down to Anchorage and I've got those pictures too. As for us, we're waiting for our list of bases to come out next week. If there's nothing on there we're willing to take, Tyler has a couple extension offers (since the defense team doesn't like him leaving early) and if we take one of those, we'll be here until June, which admittedly, would be a lot easier to move when the snow is melted, we could take the ferry out and keep our car, and moving in -30's is complicated. They have to load up the garage, then close the house door and open the garage door and load up the truck. They do this so your pipes don't freeze and burst. Which would not be fun. So on the one hand, an extension would be really good, but on the other, I really miss my family and don't really want to wait another 3 months to see them. But I do love Alaska, and I would love to leave when it's at it's prettiest. :D Oh I don't know, I'm just trying to let go and give the reigns over to God, He knows what He's doing and I'm sure that we'll be just fine. The girls are growing like weeds. Jillian is now officially too tall for 2T so it's time to move her up again. Kari is in 5/6 and we can actually buy clothes in the girl's section now! Which is a new experience for me. Anyway, I'll start up the picture entries now with these beauties. These are the pictures that were taken for mother's day from a friend of mine.

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