Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures of AK :P

So my friend Brianna has been poking me in the ribs (figuretively speaking of course) to put pictures of Alaska up. Most of them are on my camera and I can't get to it (wasn't expecting to buy another computer so the cord is in storage) so those will have to wait, but I took some on my camera phone so here. :P

This is a picture of an ice sculpture (with a stupid wanted poster draped on it) of the state of Alaska in front of Wendy's in North Pole. All the buildings have ice sculptures, the churches, dentists, everything. It's kind of fun.

And this is a picture of the Santa Claus House in North Pole. Christmas is a HUGE deal up here. All the poles are candy cane striped (I'll take some pictures of that tomorrow and post them) But this house they sell christmas stuff year round. And in the back they have real live reindeer and in the christmas season (could be all year long, I'm not sure) you can visit with Santa. It's lots of fun for the kids.

And here he is, the big man himself (and I do mean big, he's about 50 feet tall) Santa outside his house. :D Notice the snow in all the pictures. The places that are not plowed or shoveled, the snow is about two and a half feet deep. More pictures to come!!!


  1. Thanks for posting pics finally! The snow looks fun =)

  2. WOW! That Santa could loose a few inches!! lol In HEIGHT! hahaha!! MORE PICTURES!!! MORE!!!! Mwahhahahaa