Friday, March 27, 2009


Well friends, I realise that I have neglected you. Most of you know, I have good news, I'm moving into my house on Tuesday!!!

Anyway, so I've been packing, cleaning, jumping up and down, squeeling. lol! I took my mom on a tour of the (dare I say apartment?) box I'm living in with the help of my laptop and Skype. It was quite fun. (are you jealous Bree? he he) Anyway, yesterday I went to the Relief Society b-day bash. :D It was kind of fun. Usually relief society things are kinda blah (or blech) but up here everyone is SO EXCITED that I'm here. It's kind of a little bit creepy. People were coming up to me saying, You're Alexis, do you want to sit with me? Uh...sure? I've met a couple really nice girls. Most women up here have more than one kid (heck, most of them have more than five) so there's not a ton in common with them, but I can't deny that they're nice girls. A lot of them are pregnant or had a baby in the last three months, it's totally out of this world. Everywhere I look are preggo bellies. And they're all looking at, I just have a flubby belly, not a preggo belly. ha ha!! Things are warming up. Yesterday it was 37 degrees and it felt positively WARM I'm not even kidding you. But when it warms up, it means more snow (I know, you'd think it would be the other way around, but hey, it's Alaska, it's special like that. Last saterday Tyler and I bought some new furniture. Our bedroom furniture is too big for our bedroom so we had to get a smaller set, and we only had this little loveseat so we got a sofa and loveseat in black leather (I know, not my idea, but hey, I can make it work) but I snapped this really cute picture of Tyler and Kari at the store.

HA HA!! I love it. Oh and I wanted to show you McD's in North Pole, it's pretty tight. :D
I told you that all the poles were candy cane striped didn't I? Anywho, I should get ready to go to bed. Chat at you all later!! :D


  1. So, is that the house you are moving into?

  2. Ahhh.. Candy-cane poles!! yummy! LICK IT LEXI!!! hahaha. LOVE YOU SEXY-LEXI!!