Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey friends, family, and random passer-bys! Well, my exciting news for the day is that it is 77 degrees today!!! You read that right, it is almost 80 degrees up here in Alaska. AND I'M LOVIN' IT!!! :D Everyone up here take walks in the evenings as families because they're just so darn excited that it's nice weather out! It's very refreshing to see. I am currently trying to upload pictures from the california trip, but my software is geeking out. I'll have to try to fix that. I'm excited to report that my sister will be up here next saturday. She's doing a summer job up here for the Princess Cruise line (I guess there's some sort of fancy resort in Denali that she'll be working at) but Tyler, Kari and I will be driving to Anchorage (a 6.5 hour drive) to pick her up on saterday. It'll be fun because we haven't had the chance to check out Anchorage yet. I'm hoping to get some shopping in. :D There is also this really cool indoor water park I'm interested in checking out. Today I found several blogs of friends back in Washington. I was suprised to see that I was on most of their reading lists, but I didn't know their addresses! Go figure. Hey, friends and family, if you don't send me your address, I don't know where to find your blog. It'd be nice to keep up with all of you so feel free to send me that and I'll save your address. Kari is getting bigger. She's FINALLY sleeping through the night (knock on wood) and she's eating three whole jars of baby food for dinner!! She's 9 1/2 months old and sometimes she drives me nutts!! (like now when she's refusing to take her afternoon nap) Tyler got sick after Kari and I were mostly better. He got sent home from work and then the doctor made him come in to get tested for the swine flu (since we'd just recently been in San Diego which is pretty darn close to Mexico) they made him go in through this obscure door and wouldn't let him near anyone else in the building. The doctor that tested him was wearing a mask. It was pretty crazy. He didn't have it, of course, but I think not only were they being safe, but they were using Tyler as a guinea pig. Everyone knew though. Tyler's superviser calls and is like, "so, does Tyler have the swine flu? people are starting to freak out in the office." People can be so silly. Anyway, I need to go see if she's really asleep or if she's just playing in her crib. Talk to you all later!! :D


  1. What the heck ?? how is it warmer in Alaska then it is here?? so not fair! lol well ok im happy for you actually =) oh and im glad tyler doesnt have swine flu that would be scary!

  2. Congrats on getting sunshine. It's cold here!
    I asked my dad if all his patients are freaking out about swine flu. He said yes. I asked what he told them. His reply: "I tell them that unless they go 'cough, cough, oink' they don't have it!" Poor Tyler having to go through all that jazz. Better safe than sorry though, right?
    Kari is eating 3 jars of baby food? Awesome!