Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I'm sitting here and I'm so grateful for the fathers in my life. I've been blessed with three and a wonderful husband who is such an amazing father.
Craig, you're the newest father in my life. You're such an incredible man and I'm so lucky to have married into your family. I look up to you and all the hard work you do for your family.
Dad, I don't even know if I can put into words what having a father like you has meant to me. You've always been so loving and encouraged everything I wanted to do. You were the one who told me to gain my own testimony instead of leaning on the testimonies of others. I owe my love of the Gospel and a lot of my parenting values to you.
And finally my Heavenly Father. Obviously He won't be reading my blog, but He knows in my heart how much I love Him and want to return to live with Him. There is no way I can ever express my gratitude for His Son. Being a mom now, I know that I don't love my daughter nearly as much as my Heavenly Father loves me, and I cannot imagine letting her be hurt and killed, no matter what the cause. So for the salvation of my soul, I am grateful.
Then there is Tyler. My wonderful, loving husband. You are the best father to my children I could ever ask for. I know how much you love Karielle and she adores you. Thank you for being the man that you are.
I love you all so very, very much. Happy Father's Day.

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