Friday, July 24, 2009

WAY behind...

Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation and get back, things seem 50% more messy than when you left? I swear, my house was almost spotless and now, I have a ton of things to get done before the missionaries come over for dinner. *sigh* well, I'm planning an easy (my favorite thing in the world) meal, shredded chicken and shipwreck rice (that's for you dad lol!) My thanks to my beautiful new sister-in-law Courtney for the base recipe, I do more to the rice simply because Tyler likes more "stuff" in his burrito. But it's super easy, super quick, and very yummy. :D Anyway, I should probably put some trip pictures up so you all can see how much fun we had. :D Enjoy!! And back to work.

Grandpa Hale and Naomi and Kari.

Kari and great-grandma and grandpa Haueter.

Happy Birthday Kari!!!

Big wagon in Spokane.

Posing for the camera

Playing with what she won at Chuck E Cheese

I don't think she'd decided if she liked the rides or not.

She liked the big rat at Chuck E cheese

No more cake!!!!

Talking on Grandma's cell phone. :D


  1. Naomi and I just looked at the pics-love 'em! There are some different ones than what you put on Facebook. I love you guys. Cute pics!

  2. I can't believe that she is year old! I hope that you are doing well. She looks so cute and big. I love that one of her talking on the cell. Too Cute