Sunday, March 14, 2010

40+ Weeks. Twiddling my thumbs.

Well, my countdown is done and yet, no baby. Stupid due date. I know that it's "an estimate" but about 70 percent of women have their baby BEFORE the due date, not after. Now, late babies run in the family so I just need to be patient. But with Kari coughing her lungs out all night and none of us getting any sleep for weeks, not to mention a very cranky toddler, it's hard to be patient with anything. I feel bad when I find myself getting frustrated with Kari because she's grumpy, I need to remind myself that she's grumpy because she can't sleep because she can't stop coughing. I've been blessed, she's a pretty easy going kiddo. But I'm sitting here wondering how I'm going to handle all night feedings with a new baby while I'm getting up several times a night with Kari for wiping noses, readjusting blankets and trying to make her as comfortable as possible. I'm not sure how much strength I have left. I just need her to get better already! Stupid RSV. However, in an effort to be positive in the midst of negative things, I'm going to remind myself what I'm grateful for.
1. I'm grateful for a loving and helpful husband. Seriously, he's been so great. He works all day, then has school and his second job, and yet will still help me with Kari or getting things cleaned up. I love him for being so considerate of me and my current form. Never thought I'd have to have him tie my shoes, but I love him for doing it. :D And I love that he still thinks I'm beautiful, even when I look like I swallowed a basketball.
2. I'm grateful for Karielle. Dispite being sick and miserable for over a month, she still likes to make momma laugh. She's usually very cheerful and she's still learning and growing super fast! I find myself suprised at how quickly she picks up on things. She's a true blessing in my life.
3. I'm grateful for Brianna and the friends I have up here who have been so open and genuine about offering help and advice. Thanks guys, I really, really appreciate everything.
4. My mom. I know I'm being selfishly ecstatic about you spending WAY too much money to come be with me, but seriously, I'm so grateful. I have no idea how I'll get through this without your help. THANK YOU so much. And I can't wait to see you. (and the even MORE selfish part of me is super happy that you'll be here for my birthday. Yay 23! lol!)

Dear mother nature,
Please get warmer so that my baby doesn't freeze and we don't slide around on the road on the way to the hospital. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

As always guys, some cute pictures. Kari being adorable, and me on my due date (I thought it was such a novalty lol!)
I'll let you all know when something exciting happens. But for now, my next appointment is on Tuesday, we'll see how it goes. Love you all!!!


  1. Don't you love being outside of the norm? Over 40 weeks gives you boasting rights, right? And hey, your little bun is cooking just right. Hopefully Kari will be a good helper for you when Jillian comes around. Wait, J or G?

  2. Your mom is excited to come see you.I hope all goes well with delivery etc. We love you and are thinking of you.

  3. Pretty soon Jillian will be here and you will probably be wishing she was still inside you! haha! ok maybe not! And I completely agree. RSV sucks. bad. hope everything goes well cant wait to see my new neice!

  4. well, i hope things start moving along soon... and that all goes well...