Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One month old, among other things..

So Jillian was born a little over a month ago. And she's grown so much!!! Karielle still adores her little sister. Unfortunately, we all picked up a bug from SOMEWHERE. Probably a shopping cart since I specifically didn't take Kari to nursery so she wouldn't pick up something from one of the other kids. Anyway, so all 4 of us are sick. It's been pretty miserable around here the past couple of days. But I took a few cute pictures, dispite sick, cranky kiddos. Oh, and I french braided Kari's hair! So cute!! :D


  1. Cute pictures!! Kari's hair looks adorable!!

  2. OK, so have you ever heard of Emergen-C? It is the best stuff! And it tastes good too. It really helps with the immune system. You can buy it at Wal-Mart...that is where it is cheapest. Anyway, I know this is gross but if you gargle with Listerine, vanilla kind tastes best, twice a day, you will get sick less. At least for me, that is what has helped me this winter and spring. So far, I haven't been sick at all this winter and spring...very unusual for me. Love Ya and hope that helps. Kari might even like the Emergen-C.