Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on us

Hey guys! Not a ton going on here. These pictures of the girls (and tyler) were from mother's day. Tyler got me a belgin waffle maker!! I've wanted one for years so I was super excited. I'm so grateful for the mothers in my life. I've got an incredible mom who is one of my best friends and I've got an incredible mother-in-law, who is an amazing cook (I steal her recipes, my family thanks you ;D ) and so much fun to talk to. And of course, the awesome grandmothers in my life. I am so blessed. :D
On other news, Jillian is a month and a half and smiling (mostly at her sister) she's getting so big and is alert and active a LOT. She sleeps through the night (which is more than I can say for her big sister) She's such an awesome addition to our little family. It feels like she's always been here, even though it's been such a short time. Kari is learning more everyday. She wants all her babies to have REAL diapers on, and she's started "breastfeeding" her babies. Cracks me up! She's such a little mommy to Jillian. Giving hugs and kisses and giving her a binky, she'll bring me blankets and diapers and wipes for baby. She's a little helper and I'm so blessed to have her as a daughter.
Tyler has volunteered for a deployment. The one he wants is to Washington DC/Guantanamo Bay but they want a Staff Sargent for it. His boss and his bosses boss have recommended him for it and it's going up the line so we'll see if they take him. If he doesn't get that one, he's said that he would do a six month in Iraq. So he'll most likely be taken for one of those deployments. Just waiting to hear where and when. He'd be leaving either September or November depending on which on he gets, not including training. I'm still deciding what I'll be doing. I'll definately be going home for Christmas though because trying to be happy and cheerful for the girls alone just sounds super depressing. Anyway, I'll let you all know when I know. Hope you all had a fabulous mother's day!!

Tyler got to fly with the refueling plane and see the jets refuel mid flight! They had to fly up under the plane just perfect and get this pole in the gas hole. I was pretty jealous of him.


  1. Glad to see you had a happy mommy's day! Cute pics. Let us know when you're coming and where and when Tyler gets deployed. I have two brothers in the marines now so I guess I should get used to how that works.

  2. What a wonderful family you have. Sorry that you will be without hubby for a while. I hope that you are able to see family for Christmas. It would be hard on your own. You looke really lovely in the picture with you and Jillian.