Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey everyone! Happy February! I was never so happy to see a month gone in my whole life. This year hasn't started out the greatest. I heard this country phrase a couple weeks ago and I laughed so hard when I heard it, but I don't think I'll be using it very often. "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya" :D I know, I'm probably the last person on the planet to hear that little gem, but well, what can I say? Speaking of butts.......

Here's a couple of cute ones. :D lol!!! Seriously, it cracks me up. (No pun intended)

Jill is always so excited for bath time, she tries to climb in, even if she does have a diaper on.

Kari being daddy's girl.

And again. Aw!!

I dyed my hair a couple weeks ago. FINALLY got rid of that horrible coppery red mess! It'll lighten up in a month or so then this girl is not dying hair for awhile, if ever again. Blech!


  1. Ok- weird quote/saying thing, but I can see how it would be funny. I'm sorry you guys are having a rough go at it. I want to say that it will get better... but I can't. The Lord knows all, and He is mindful of you guys.

    Love the pictures- keep posting, I love to read it.

  2. I think it's funny, but in a country hick kind of way. It's not something I would use very often. January deserved it. :P I know that the Lord has a plan and that things will turn out the way He wants them too. Honestly, this has been one of the most spiritually strengthening experience in my life. I know that if Tyler ended up crippled, or even dead, I know I'd be okay. He's mine for eternity, even if our lives together on this earth is cut short, it doesn't change the eternal plan. So don't worry, I'm stressed, I'm worried, but I know that we are in His hands and I have faith that whatever the outcome, it will be right. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!! I enjoy yours too. :D Love ya Joy!