Saturday, August 6, 2011

The fair and some other cute pictures.

Hey all! So despite Kari's ear infection, we decided to go to the fair anyway. Unfortunately the fair doesn't open until noon so by the time we got home (at 4) it was WAAAAAY past naptime and they were both super grumpy BUT we had fun anyway.

Kari petting the bunnies
Jill petting a goat
Kari's turn

Another goat

"Wait, come back!"
They didn't like the pigs so much.
They both LOVED the horses
Kari's first pony ride
She loved it
Jillian's first pony ride. (Her horse was bigger, I'm not THAT much shorter than Tyler)

Kari wanted to pet the ducks, but they kept running away.

That little pony wasn't very interested in anything other than food.
Kari's first ride all by herself. She was perfectly fine and happy, until the fair guy came and checked her seatbelt. She then screamed for the whole rest of the wait and ride. Annoying!
Jill taking a cat nap
The Japanese Dragon boat
I love her face here
yuck, the spinning apples. *puke*
The big slide, which Kari insisted on going down twice
The little train. We weren't allowed to go with them, but when Jill was with Kari, they were both fine. Ah loving sisters.
Our current favorite Elder keeping Jill happy. :D
Jill's new favorite spot
Trying to get down.
I have so much cupboard space I don't know what to do with it all!
Daddy and Kari being cute.
How I found Jill a few mornings ago.
Priceless. Maybe the bumper needs to go back up? :P

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  1. The pictures of the fair look fun. We haven't gone to any this year. I don't know if we will... they're expensive. Besides the fact that Eithan can't really enjoy any of it right now. I love the picture of Kari with her legs sticking out of the crib. I think most kids have a picture of something like that..... but it's still just so cute to see that they can really sleep in any position.

    You guys look good. And you're girls are growing into cute little ladies.
    Love reading... keep it up.