Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting there..

Okay, so Tyler was planning on taking a flight down to Sacramento, then grab a flight from there to Pasco, so we were planning on only Tyler going. Then Sunday, the day before he's leaving, we call the PAX terminal again and there's a flight going to McChord. That is about 4 hours away from our families. We'd have to be at the airport 12 hours from when we found out about the flight. So we spend about 6 of it debating on whether the kids and I should go to. There were many factors, our final inspection being the biggest one, Kari's ear infection was another, plus the fact that she will only sleep in HER bed. Anyway, a dear angel of a friend said she'd do the inspection for us with a power of attorney (sometimes it's REALLY helpful to have a paralegal for a husband). So we decide to go for it. We were thinking that it's such a good opportunity, we'd be an idiot not to go home. I felt like God was kicking me in the pants, "Hey Alexis! Wake up! You need to go!" And so we frantically packed, then cleaned up the dirty dishes, took out the garbage, ect. We didn't get to bed until after 11. Then we had to wake up at 3 to shower, load the car, pack the carry on stuff. We woke the kids up at 4, changed diapers but kept them in jammies then headed off to the airport. Waited around, they took us to the plane at about 7:30, then there was a delay so we ended up taking off at 9:30. We get to McChord at about 1 and Tyler's parents are there to get us and take us to the Tri-Cities. We got into town about 8 something.
Slept most of the way to McChord
Same with Kari
One of the Jets in our company. We were on the refueler and we had 4 jets with us.
One of the jets refueling mid air. Seriously, I think this was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life.
The two waiting for their turn
The one that already refueled.
Day after getting there we hung out with Tasha and family. The girls hit it off.
We went to Chuck E Cheese. Lots of fun for the girls.

lol! Love the glare girlie

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  1. I wish I had known you were in town! I have been down there and back up here... and down there again a lot recently. We could have said "Hi!". It's ok, though. We'll see each other some other time.

    Can't wait to hear (read) the rest of the story.