Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some family pictures in front of the temple.

So these next few posts are going to be out of order. I was waiting for family pictures that my brother in law took, but I'm not sure how long it will take him to edit and send them so I'll just start putting up our trip home pictures. These next ones were taken by Britney, my wonderful sister in law, at the Columbia River Temple where my husband and I were married 5 years ago. I always think of that Temple as the start of my wonderful family. Anyway, enough talk, here's some pictures. :D

It was really sunny that day and unfortunately the Temple and it's beautiful grounds were closed for the semi-annual deep cleaning and repairing.

See the ones in the shade are nicer. :D
Everyone looking in the same direction!

Kari's new thing is rocks. :)

She wasn't smiling soooooo.........
I started ticking her. Works everytime. :D

I absolutely LOVE this one. :D

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  1. LOVE the girls dresses. Still can't believe I didn't see you guys while you were down here. Hopefully we'll catch up some other time.