Monday, September 26, 2011

An Update on Us

I realized the other day that some people might have taken the title of my last entry the wrong way, but maybe not. Just to clarify though, no, I am not pregnant. I would love to be, but it's just not the right time yet. In the meantime, I'm working hard on getting back to my high school bod (or at least my high school weight, let's be real, those hips aren't going away lol!) And I need to do a little update. Lots of people have been asking me about Tyler and stuff so here goes:
As of last August, Tyler has pretty much had a constant migraine for a year. No one knows why, and our current way of dealing with it is trying a new medication every couple months. I've been trying to talk Tyler into seeing a naturepathic doctor, but he doesn't think it would do any good. I've seen how my Aunt, who has breast cancer, looks healthy, feels great, has all her hair and has energy when her regular oncologist says she should be not able to move because of pain or dead. I'm a believer people. And I don't really care for doctors anyway, I'm of the opinion that God gave us this beautiful earth and everything in it for our benefit so why don't we use it. I also want Tyler to see a chiropractor and get realigned and see if that helps, but I haven't found a chiropractor that I really like yet. In the meantime, not much has changed except his pain tolerance has gone way up. A couple of months ago we spent another lovely evening in the ER because Tyler just about broke his knee. But luckily, he ended up just spraining it. He's been working like crazy on the defense side of the legal office and football just started back up so he's doing the second job reffing gig, so we barely get to see him, which is hard on the kids but we know this won't be forever.
Kari has finally hit her growth spurt. I had to move her up to 4T in everything. She's just a little over 3, this is the girl that was in newborn clothes until she was 3 months old because she was always so tiny. She's getting really tall though, I think she may take after her daddy after all. She's really into princesses, ballerina's, Barbies, and Mickey Mouse. She can count to 8, knows most of her alphabet and knows the titles to every single kid movie we own. lol! Bad right? Anyway, she's got an attitude sometimes, but I'm guessing a lot of that is just because she's 3 and a little diva. We love her anyway. ;)
Jillian is 18 months old today! I can't believe how fast she's growing up. She had her checkup last friday. She's 21 lbs and 1oz, which is in the 11th percentile, but she's 31 inches long and in the 36th percentile. So she's super skinny and tallish. She's still bigger than Kari was at that age. I guess I just have small kids. The doctor said she was perfect (which I already knew ;D) She's super smart, she repeats everything you say, she loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse (or as she says "Ma Mouse") Her favorite person in the whole wide world is Kari.
As for me, I'm currently working on things to donate to Olivia DeCoria's auction, she's my sister-in-law's niece, she's got stage 5 cancer in her eye and it's already spread elsewhere. The poor thing will lose her eye and have to have chemotherapy, she just turned 2 the end of August. It just breaks my heart and I want to help. She's practically family and I think about how I would feel if it were one of my precious girls. I can't even imagine. If you want to read Livi's story go to And if you've ever wanted to buy anything I make, the auction is a good time to do so. I've made sugar scrubs, bath salts, bows, tutus, and I'm working on puff quilts right now. After the auction things are submitted on the 1st of October, I have to shift focus to helping with costumes for a play my church is putting on. lol! How do I get myself into these messes? :) Oh well, sure keeps me busy. That's all for now. Miss you all!

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