Sunday, October 2, 2011

This was supposed to be October 1st's post lol!

Okay so I'm trying something new. I want to have a different focus for each day of the week. I've decided that I'm not just interested in cooking, or crafting, or any other number of things, I'm into all of it. Some days it will be tips, some days it will be recipes, some days will be something thought provoking for your brain to chew on for the week, of course I do still need to have some things about my family since that's the reason I do everything I do. Anyway, so this was supposed to be Saturday's post but I spent all of yesterday with my little family grocery shopping and getting Hubby ready to go TDY for his job, so I didn't get around to it. But Saturday's theme is something that I love. It could be a product, a book, a musical artist, a website, whatever it is that I'm loving at that time. And Today (well, really yesterday, today and forever lol!) is Pinterest. I just joined about a month ago or so and I've quickly become addicted (sound familiar? ha ha!) It's like the world wide web brainstorming party. There are so many good ideas on there. I'm inspired out of my nugget. :D And I just found out today that I've been Pinned!!!! Eeeeep!! And it wasn't me or a family member or a close friend, just some random person. Ack! There may be hope for this little blog after all. I'm on the map people. So yes, if you would like to pin any of my projects, feel free. ;) I'm tickled pink. :)

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