Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some pictures from our church Harvest Festival

Ack guys!! I have been so frantic the last few days getting ready for the Harvest Festival. I had to finish costumes, research costumes (for me) and yesterday I was cooking pretty much the whole day. *big sigh of relief* so the party was great (we got there late though, I was doing Tyler's make up ha ha!!) Now I just need to worry about MY party on Monday and then Halloween will officially be OVER. Thank goodness. I'm ready for some holiday baking and CHRISTMAS. (Yes I know that Thanksgiving is in between Halloween and Christmas) anyway, so be ready for a blogging overload today, I've got some cute, yummy, and crafty things for you that made last night a success (and then I need to crack down on my menu plan for Monday) First up, my adorable girlies!!!

 Hee hee! I just couldn't resist this one.
 Showing me her candy
The back of the dress 
 Her hair (took forever but was so worth it)

 My little Jilly bean

 It was really hard to get a picture with all the PUFF and still be able to see their cute faces.

 Kari's fake smile

 I don't know what she's looking at but I love the tongue! lol!
 Top of Jill's hair

 The backs of their dresses

 Playing with their friend

 More hugs!
 Okay so there's a mini story behind my costume. I came across this gorgeous fabric several years ago at the thrift store, I would say I've had this in my "stash" for 6 or 7 years now. Loved it, but it's something that you can't cut up. It's got a silver boarder on the top and bottom and a section that is more decorated. I always thought it looked like a sarong or a saree. So yesterday I've spent the whole day cooking or getting things for the girl's outfits so I don't have much time, so I pull out this fabric and do a youtube search on how to tie a saree. Seriously beautiful, I love it. And I looked up the mark on the forehead thing, and learned that it's more a cultural thing to signify marriage and not a religious thing (I didn't want to be mocking someone else's religion) but my "mark" is actually a blue stick on gem, but you can't tell in the picture. I wanted Tyler to be an Indian man, but I couldn't figure out the turban wrap, even when watching a how to video, he was happier being a pirate anyway. His favorite thing was all the comments he got from people saying that they couldn't figure out who he was. lol! I guess a wig and some eye makeup go a long way. :D I'll get another picture of him at our party on Monday. 

Someone said I looked like a "Goddess of the Sky" lol! I'll take it people!! :)
P.S. Want to know how I made the girl's dresses? That's coming up next! ;)

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  1. The dresses look wonderful! Tyler {I'll be honest.. he looks a little weird. Is i the makeup? The long hair?... oh well... that's what Halloween's about right? Not being yourself?}

    It looks like you guys had a good time. Our party is coming up this Saturday... I'm excited to hang out with all the ADULTS! Grown-up conversation! Yes!