Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crafty Thursday-fabric flower

 Remember my poor ruined shirt from this post?
 Well I decided I'm going to turn it into something more useful. You know that lovely interlock knit is wonderful for many thing.
 Cut all the seams off 
 Then I cut off the damaged shoulder.
 Cut a strip going up
 Stitched down the middle
 (My little helper. :D)
 Gather, then fold in half so both sides of the ruffle face the same direction. Start to roll.
 This is the bottom of the flower. Secure it with a few stitches through the base of the flower

 Size up the base of your flower on another piece of fabric
 cut a circle
  Use fabric-tac to clue the circle to the base

 Finished flower. Now to make a lined clip for it...
 4.25 inches of matching grosgrain ribbon (and you'll be using hot glue for lining your clip)
 heat seal the ends to prevent fraying
 Glue along the whole backside of the top
 Then along the whole topside
 This is what it looks like with the top glued
 put a dot of glue on both inside parts of the clip.
 Pinch your ribbon in there (don't worry, it won't mess with the hinge)
 then glue the last little bit onto the backside
 Here's your finished clip!
 Glue along the whole top
 Attach your flower
(I love it in her hair too. :D)
I still have a bunch of t-shirt leftover. I think I'll go make some more. :D

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