Monday, October 10, 2011

Just for you Mondays

Alright, this is my last post for the day. Today I'm going to show you something super simple. Bath salts. Seriously, you want something super simple but very spa like? Here's your answer. Go to the pharmacy area of any food and drug store (I go to Walmart) and pick up some Epson Salt. It usually comes in a carton or a bag. It's good for all kinds of stuff, but soothing aches and pains is what we're going to use it for. Then go wherever you can find essencial oils OR fragrance for soaps and candles (aka, craft stores) then you get a cute little jar to hold it in. (I like the little squat canning jars from Better Homes and Gardens) So find how much to fill your jar (or several) and put it in a big bowl. Then you add 3-5 drops (or more, it's really about your prefrence) and mix it all in really well. Pour it in your jar, label and add a cute bow and voila! You've got not only something relaxing and wonderful for you, but it's so easy to make two or 4 or however many for your girlfriends or your mom, or for Christmas presents, whatever. Enjoy and I hope you take a little time for yourself on this Columbus Day Monday. :D

(psst! That little guy in the middle, is a yummy sugar scrub, I'll share that one next week. ;D)

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