Monday, October 3, 2011

Just for you Mondays

Everyone hates Mondays right? It takes more effort for me to roll out of bed on Monday than any other day of the week (probably because I spend Sunday "resting" if you count church, big Sunday meal and trying to keep cranky kids happy resting haha!). So I figure, why not a pick me up for Monday? A little something to make you happy. Now I don't know about you, but finding time for myself is kind of hard. I usually am in "mommy mode" and thinking about Alexis is hard sometimes. That's why I wake up early enough in the morning that I have time to read my scriptures (a must so I am more patient with my kids) workout (a must so I don't feel like such a blob) and shower (a must for obvious reasons). And I do everything I possibly can in the shower. I wash my face, and even brush my teeth because I know that as soon as I turn off that water and I can hear one or both of my girls talking, singing, yelling, ect in their rooms, that I will automatically stop thinking about me and automatically go back into "mommy mode". So here's a little spa type trick that you can do in the shower (most of my spa tricks are shower things since I don't find time anyother timein the day usually). This is going to sound gross but once a week I use a vinegar and water mix in my hair to strip out all product and such residue. It leaves my hair so soft and smooth. (I do end up spritzing it with some type of body spay or perfume because ew, vinegar) I do use apple cider vinegar though so it smells a little better (but not much ha ha!)
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(When I was looking for an apple cider vinegar image all kinds of weird things popped up like weight loss, dandruff cure, resetting pH balences, moisturizing skin (?) ect, might have to look more into that lol!)
Okay, so take about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a cup of water. Shampoo your hair as usual then pour on all over your hair. Leave in for a few minutes, I clip mine up with a claw clip so I can soap up without getting soap in my hair. So soap, shave, use a srub, whatever. Then rinse out. Don't condition, you don't need to and it kind of defeats the purpose. Then blow dry and style your hair as usual (mine usually ends up in a wet bun ;D) and enjoy the silky soft feel of your hair. Ahh, something about having nice silky hair just makes you feel better about life. So off you go, and enjoy! :D

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