Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Tinkering

Eh, I'll find a title that works. I didn't do a post yesterday because wednesday is about my family but Tyler's gone and the girls and I haven't been doing much so NEXT WEEK. :) Anyway so this year I want the girls to be involved with holiday decorating. I think it'll help them feel like they are contributing and that it's "their" house too. So we made jack-o-lanterns to put up on the wall (ask me how long they stayed that way. lol!) It was fun! I cut out the general shape of a pumpkin, drew lines down in dark orange and drew the faces on, then the girls scribbled all over them and we taped them to the wall. Kept them busy and happy for a good 15 minutes. Score! (oops, got to talking with my beautiful sister in law and completely spaced posting this. Sorry!)

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