Monday, October 10, 2011

Something that I love Saturdays

It's going to be a post overload today. This weekend we've just been enjoying having daddy back.
Something that I love is the Dolly Parton's "Imagination Library" It's a free program for kids newborn to 5, every month your child gets a book in the library. We get two. One for Kari, and one for Jill. They're different every month and they are books at the level of your child's development. I know both Kari and Jill love getting new books. So today, I'm grateful for Dolly Parton's idea. Because it lets my kids love books and reading. And I especially love when daddy can read to them.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures of the girls being read to. I can't wait until Eithan is more interested in the actual looking at books and reading with me. Right now he just crawls around and over me as I read him the story. Oh well.. at least he's still being read to, right?

    It was great hearing from you. Thank you for calling me.