Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our fun fall pictures. ;)

Hey everyone. Well, fall is coming to a close, snow is on the forecast (at least for Fairbanks Alaska) which is sad because fall is my favorite season. I love all the colors and fun that comes with it, and the cool crisp days. Ah, heaven, all too soon it will be snowy and cold and yucky. Blech. Anyway, so we took our annual fall family pictures last sunday, and it's a good thing we did because I don't think we have another weekend of fall. So without further ado:

I took a bunch of pictures of the trees and the fog on the lake. This one is one of my absolute favorites.
Playing with the leaves

Walking on water? ;)
She spent most of the photo shoot running around all over the place.

Same with this one. But she was slower so I ended up with more pictures of Jill

"Mom, what is that weird metal dude doing there?"

tackle loves lol!
Look at how looooooong her hair is.
Kisses for Daddy
hugs for daddy

first attempt at a family picture
walking with daddy
see? I've still got some of that darn red in my hair from TWO years ago.

I like these last ones best.
My favorite
and off she goes again
I liked this shot with the airplane in the background, she is, after all, an Air Force brat. :D

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