Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture overload!

 My Kari and me during Jill's naptime.
 My girls got into bathroom stuff
 See? Dark lipgloss all over the floor!!
 Top of Jill's head. That is a 20 dollar tube of refining mask in her hair.
 Beautiful. :P
 Where the rest of the lipgloss went.
 Kari knew she was in trouble.
 My girls being nice to each other.
 These two are kind of on my favorite list.

 Kari for the princess birthday party she was invited to.
 The back of her hair
 My two little princesses


 Jill's dress starts to fly up...
 Whop, there it goes!
 She was going to fast because of the fabric that she ended up sliding right off the slide. Luckily she's a sturdy kid and got right back up to go do it again.
 Jill going down with Caroline.

 Jill talking to baby S.

 And cake. Yum

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