Sunday, March 4, 2012

The dress and veil I made, with pictures this time!

 Okay so I had to put these in here. I let Kari try on the veil, and now she wants one. So cute!!

 The back of the dress and veil

 The front of the dress
 4 layers of tulle lined with electric blue satin
 Her flowers. I used tea roses, regular roses, tulips and daisy's with these little tiny daisy's for filler. Then added the blue fabric flowers and sprigs of crystals for sparkle.
 Wrapped all the stems with floral tape first, then with white satin, then did the crisscross detail in the blue.
 I loved how it turned out. It's my favorite bridal bouquet yet.

 Groom's boutonniere

 Took a couple pictures of the ceremony before I realized that the actual photographer wasn't taking any so I probably wasn't supposed to.

 The cake that my friend made. She's pretty incredible. That's something I'm going to try to learn

 She was giddy the whole time. It kinda cracked me up.
 Love this shot.

 Obligatory ring shot (her ring was stinkin' gorgeous)
Annnnd, then my battery died. Lame. But everything looked gorgeous. It all came together perfectly.

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  1. Love the pics of Kari. She makes a lovely bride! ;) Also, the bouquet was awesome! I like white flowers. Benj says that in Japan, white flowers mean death. Pity. They're so pretty! You are amazing for finding the time (and having the skills) to put all that together. Oh, and big fat YAY for you updating your blog! I'm starving for more pics of Kari and little Jill!