Sunday, May 27, 2012

We're alive!

Oh my gosh, SO MUCH to catch up on. Well.....I guess not really that much, but it feels like there should be. Ha ha! Well I guess I mostly have pictures of kiddos to catch up on as not much new is here in the Haueter household. Tyler working two jobs, taking three classes, ect, ect. Not much new on the home front, kids getting bigger, mom getting older. lol! Tyler has an MRI on his knee on June 14th since his dr. thinks he tore his miniscus a few months back (yeah, would have been nice of them to actually check it when he originally injured it but hey, it's military medical care) Let's see, Jill turned two (I'll have a post on that coming up) and I turned a QUARTER of a CENTURY OLD! Seriously, so cool. I was actually really excited about this birthday, except Tyler was at level 7 school. Kinda lame. So get this, he left two days before Valentine's day, missed my birthday, came home, was working like crazy for four weeks, then he left again the day before Mother's day to do TDY to VEGAS. And he's the kinda guy that doesn't go out to get you something until like the day before. lol! So guess who didn't get anything for 3 of the big gift giving days of the year? Yep, this gal! lol! Oh well. I told him if he missed our anniversary he'd be in trouble. :P Easter, I'll have to do a post for that one too. I guess that there has been some communication errors or something back home with family so I'm going to clear everything up right now. No, we aren't coming home to visit this summer, since we're moving in February. Waste of money. No, we aren't moving back to the Tri-Cities that we know of, as of this moment we actually aren't sure what the plan is. It depends on a lot of things, we're just going with the flow and having faith that whatever it is, will be fine. But know that we love and miss all of you very much!! :D Alright, get ready to be overloaded with pictures!!!

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