Sunday, May 27, 2012

While Tyler was gone...

Okay, so I'm going to have to break this up a bit. I'll do a big massive post of pictures from when Tyler was TDY for 7 weeks. We spent a good part of it with Kristen (remember the girl who's wedding dress I made?). The girls got pretty attached to her and frankly, it was really nice to have an extra adult around to help out. It was NICE! :D Anyway, since she was new up here, we spend some time doing some of the touristy stuff. And this is the result. *deep breath*

 At the Knotty Shop in Salcha, Alaska
 The girls of course had to say hi to every carved animal in the entire store (of which there were many)
 "HI big bear"
 "Hi little bears"
 Genuine alaskan hat. Up here we use fur, for our survival. When it's -50 and below, man made stuff just doesn't cut it if you have to spend a lot of time out doors. Of course, this hat belongs to the store. We don't spend time outside in that weather if we can at all help it.

 Sitting in Santa's chair at Santa's house. He was on a break from the Holidays, but he is back now and you can come see him from May to December, every day pretty much.
 "Hello big moose"
 My cutie Jillian
 Of course we have to give the Polar Bear hugs

 And kisses, blech

 Walking outside to go see the reindeer.
Pretty much think the reindeer was the coolest thing Kristen had ever seen. lol!
 Hand painted tiles on the outside wall (love them!)
 And this was my big project while tyler was gone, going through every last one of those stupid random boxes and either giving away, throwing away or putting away every single item. It was a big job.
 Driving a fire truck!

 Biiiiiig tire
 Sitting on the back of the fire truck (having a friend who is a firefighter is a serious perk)

 She kinda got attached to him. lol!
 "Buckle up!"
 More driving!
 They were so excited about every single detail. It was awesome.
 Wonder what's in the hose? :P

 And this guy showed us how fast they get in their gear. Jillian didn't want anything to do with the weird tin foil man, but Kari liked him
 "Hi mom"
 And they pulled out the Jaws of Life! (I may have squeed a bit)
 She thought it was cool, even though she didn't know what it was for. They were so awesome, they pulled the truck out and turned on the lights and the sirens for the girls, they thought it was pretty much the coolest thing they'd ever seen. Those firefighters were super sweet. I was glad I brought brownies to share. :D
 Saw a lot of this face while daddy was gone.
My view often. lol!

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