Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just some fun pictures of my girls

So this post is kind of random. Just fun pictures of the girls recently. I can never get enough of them. :D
 She got this weird blue hair extension in some kid's meal, she thought it was pretty neat.

 LOL! She is going to kill me when she gets older, blackmail right?? :D

 This was her said face when I told her it was Kari's turn.
 Eating chocolate. :D
 Kari saw momma cleaning her counters so she asked for a rag to clean her kitchen

 Doughnuts. And Jill's big beautiful eyes.
 I adore this picture of Kari. Even if she is messy.

 What a cheese

 Kari with the little devil hair band that came in a bagof dress up stuff.
 She's pretending to be sad because monsters aren't happy.
 Jill apparently was too exhausted to eat her food. hee hee
 I love this picture. Shows Kari's dimple. Not sure if she got the Dippel dimple or got it from her daddy.

 Kari being the horse for Jill.

 Awe!!! Such awesome sisters.
 Whops! Jill fell off
Oops!! :D

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