Monday, May 28, 2012

Jillian Turns TWO!

Okay, so the first pictures I took of her on her actual birthday, March 26th.The rest were from her little party, which we actually ended up doing on Easter because that was the first Sunday that Tyler was home. It was nice to celebrate both our Savior and our little Jillian. I can hardly believe that it's been two years since my little squish was born. Love her.
Brand new Jillian

One year old Jillian
 Two year old Jillian

 Jillian doesn't really like cake, so we made her brownies instead.

 "You want me to what?"

 "Ooo, presents!"

 Minnie Mouse!
 Another one of those toddler disney dolls (we're collecting them)

 Kari being a cheese

 Little People house was a hit

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