Monday, May 28, 2012

In the sun he melted, melted, melted

Okay! So we're up to the melt of the winter wonderland. Things actually melted really quickly this year (resulting in flooding for a lot of folks in the area, luckily not us since we no longer have a dungeon, I mean basement. :P I took pictures because I realized that this was going to be my very last breakup in Alaska! I can't decide if I'm happy or sad about that..... anywho..
 So all the snow that was melting off the roof would fall down to the puddle of melting snow on the ground and splash in our window (they were open because it was about 80 degrees in my house)
 The water got all over the window sill
 And Jill thought it was to "wash her hands"
 Silly girl
 My back yard
 See my very own lake Eerie?
 This was a few days later. We were trying to scatter the last bit of snow.
 That used to be an 8 foot pile all along our driveway and was that height all the way through to the neighbor's side of the yard and then some. (He didn't shovel much so his side was much smaller and wasn't fighting us for space. lol!)

 Stomp, stomp
 "We have a yard??"

 The last little bit in the back yard
 Throwing chunks

 Softball player?
 Or maybe soccer?
 I taught her to plant her foot...
 And kick!!
 She was having entirely too much fun. ha ha!

 My Kari and me. (Jill was taking her nap)

Love my beautiful girl.

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