Thursday, May 31, 2012


Okay so now I'm going to put up projects. I've kept busy. You, of course, saw the wedding dress, veil and flowers. Next up I was asked to do some t-shirt dresses to show at church (we're doing a project for the women's shelter) They ended up being worn the week of Easter, which kinda stunk because I was looking forward to putting them in their fancy dresses, but oh well. 

 Next up, a prom dress. I had three weeks for this project and it's a good thing because it was a lot of work. I meshed three different patterns together but first they all had to be hand enlarged because the original sizes were too small. LOTS. OF. WORK. Aka pain in my butt.
 Anyway, so this was the concept art, my design.

 The finished project.

 We ended up adding colored blue stones to the flowers at the hip
 I made two different bows for her to choose from. They both turned out really cute. I'm going to have to make me some now. :D

 Two football blankets for my friend expecting twin boys!
 The backs are the same print but one is green and one is blue (so they can match, but not be too matchy matchy)

Next up, the girls started getting up at like 6 thanks to our extended amount of sunlight. Urg. No bueno, so I had to come up with another solution. Don't judge Jill's original curtains, I'd thrown them together at the old house, it's just lining fabric and cut while hanging (I don't recommend that) anyway, this was how much light was in her room BEFORE my solution

 This is just the solution.
 This is with the blinds and original "curtains" over it too. Success!!
 With the curtain up.
 Curtain down with the light on so you can see it.
I love the pretty blue and the pink together (and yes, I did use that same fabric for that prom dress ha ha!)

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