Monday, May 28, 2012

Annual Spring Fling

Alright so every year the base opens up (part of it anyway) for the community. They call it the "Spring Fling". I'm not sure if it was a bazaar originally or an open house originally but now it's both. They do this HUGE bazaar, it takes up an entire airplane hanger if that gives you any idea of how big it was, and you can buy everything from carved wooden bears/chairs/ect to hairbows, all kinds of random do dads. I even had a friend in there selling tutus and other girlie accessories. Then outside the military side was showing off airplanes, all types of land vehicles, the Military Police did a police dog demonstration (which I thought was going to terrify the girls, but apparently they thought it was cool) And you get to drive and park on the flight line (which since you're not even allowed to take pictures of the flightline normally, it was pretty sweet to be so up close and personal) They even had their "secret" jet for people to look at. There was this sign that said something along the lines of "don't get to close. We will use whatever means necessary) I totally wanted to get a picture of the girls standing in front of the sign, because it was funny, but I refused to take pictures of that airplane, try to keep at least my side of military security seriously. Anyway, so here are the pictures!!

 Jet engine

  My girls have a thing for airplanes. :D

 This thing cleans our streets
 This thing scrapes packed down snow off our streets.
 Just to give you an idea, Tyler is 6'3", this thing is massive

Getting down from yet another firetruck. :D

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