Monday, May 28, 2012

Daddy's home!!

So when Tyler got back, we went to the world championship ice sculpture competition. We were really sad because we thought we were going to miss it but because it had been so cold, they hadn't had many people, so they decided to leave it open for an extra week or so to try to raise whatever amount of money they were aiming towards. You can tell in the pictures that we went after it had warmed up a bit (which makes the ice look a bit green) and had some snow fall. If you want to see their competition pictures go to they are seriously impressive and GORGEOUS. Anyway, so here are a few of my favorite pictures. Unfortunately even though it had warmed up to -20, it was a bit breezy so we only got to see the large competition sculptures (they have to be more than 10 feet tall). They were amazing.

 "Oh hey, just chillin' leaning on an ice block" ha ha

 Walking in a winter wonderland. ha!
 You can tell poor Jill is cold.
The squirrels are kind of a running joke with my mother-in-law. I hate squirrels, she loves them. So when I saw this sculpture I had to snap a picture for her. :D

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