Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day: Monday

We're up to Monday!!! Okay, so I'm going to level with you. It bugs the crap out of me when people say "Happy Memorial day, thank a veteran", don't get me wrong, as a member of the military family, I like it when people say thank you but Memorial day isn't about Veterans. It's about the ones who gave their lives for our county, for our freedoms. From the Revolution all the way up to Desert Storm, brave and selfless men and women have been willing to die for their country. Memorial day isn't about barbecuing, an extra day off or the beginning of summer, it's a day of remembrance, a day to remember and honor those who have made us free. To me, there is nothing "Happy" about this day. The red stripes on our flag represent the blood of those who have died. "All gave some, but some gave all." I love my country, and I am proud to serve it by supporting my active duty husband. 
Okay, *gets off soap box* Anyway, so on Monday we went back to Pioneer Park for the Memorial day ceremony. The Ft. Wainwright Army Band was there. Oh I just love the sound of a good band, especially when they play patriotic music. Brings me to tears every time.

 Kari giving daddy hugs while we were listening to the band.
 This was one of those times when the stars align and you get perfection. These pictures are just perfect, I can't believe my luck. :D

 Looking at the little stream

 The closest Kari gave me of a real pose.
 Hobbit house!! (actually, it's from the original Alaskan Native Americans. :D)

 Happy girl

 *snort* this sign cracks me up.
 so we went back and listened more to the band, and I look down and the girls are doing this...

 So I drop my camera down and get a look at their faces. I think maybe they were getting tired of the sun.
 A sampling of the weird street signs up here.

"Give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give! Give said the little stream as it hurried down the hill. Singing, singing all the day, give, oh give, oh give-a-way."
So I reposted these two from last year. We tried to walk over to this memorial this year but because of all the recent rain it was kind of swampy, so we opted to do it another day.

 That didn't stop us from seeing the rest of Heritage Park!

 Tyler reading names of Alaskan fallen.
 They thought it was sooooo funny that mom was walking backwards.

 Sometimes my kids just randomly do amazing things while I'm taking pictures. Kari put her hand on this all by herself without me asking, she probably has no idea what this is for, but I think it is so touching.

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