Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We spent the actual day of Halloween in New Mexico (more on that later) but our ward had their party the Saturday before, I was happy that we would actually be able to dress up. :) Audrey was an angel, Kari and Jill were fairies, I was Aphrodite, and Tyler was Jack Sparrow (why mess with a good costume? lol!)
 Angel wings, she was so cute!!
 Fairies flitting around
 For some reason, I just adore this picture of Kari
 Audrey had a blowout all over her onesie, thankfully it was warm enough for her to go without. She was then my little cherub. :D
 Tyler with his girlies
 (The girls put the devil headband on BTW) Audrey learned how to wiggle and roll her way around the room. She got to my scrap pile for the current order and was gnawing all over them. lol!
So proud of herself (and don't you love that little dimple peaking out?)

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