Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ugh, okay, with all the annoying google changes, I just kind of gave up, BUT I am going to try to get this blogging ball rolling again. So, big updates *deep breath*

On September 6, this guy turned 29 AND he wore a graduation cap and gown and received his bachelor's degree. He was top 3 in his class and graduated with honors. 
 Blowing out his birthday/graduation celebration candles
 The girls at daddy's graduation

 Tyler and his parents
 Tyler and his siblings (and I said, "Come on guys, act like you like each other")
 These two pictures were the result. lol!

 Tyler and his mom
 Tyler and his brother
Tyler with his little girls.

And then a couple days later, we blessed Audrey!!
 Landen sporting his sweet tie.
 Kari, Jill and Sydney

 Her fabulously long fancy dress

 They loved Landen
 Jill didn't want to take pictures until grandma bribed her
 Then it's all smiles!

 LOL! I couldn't help it, this picture cracks me up.
 I made a bunch of stuff for the blessing...
 The dress

 The matching dresses for the older girls


 Audrey's fancy schmancy headband

 Her booties
And that sweet tie!

Got her newborn pictures back

 Took a few of my own

 Audrey at 2 months

Made a couple quilts

 Got my very first order (Rapunzel dress and cloak)
 Made some sweet stockings...

 Which turned into more orders

 Learned some new tricks on my machine

 And generally enjoying life. More pictures to come soon. :D

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