Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Football game and Kari's first doll

So hey, I've got a couple of fun things. The first one is that while Tyler and I were out running errands, we got a doll for Kari's b-day in a couple of months (so we don't have to buy everything all at once, we're getting a couple things a paycheck) anyway, so of course Kari saw the doll and when we put it in the cart, she was twisted around in the basket looking at it and reaching for it so in an effort to keep her happy, I grabbed this little five in doll off the shelf (as it was only 1.50 Ididn't mind) and gave it to her. She will not let go of that thing!! If I had known she would've liked a dolly that much, I would have gotten her one a long time ago. Anyway, so there are a few pictures of her with her little dolly and then a couple of Tyler and Kari at her first football game. That was a ton of fun!! And we caught a football thrown to Tyler from the quarterback who had just scored a touchdown! Lots of fun!


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  2. That is so cute!!! I love reading about your little family. Keep the posts coming. Love Ya,
    Necia (It will say I am Julie but I'm not. :)

  3. NJ and I like the second one down. Sparkly happy eyes! Too cute with her doll. Girly girl!